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bot n : botfly larva; typically develops inside the body of a horse or sheep or human

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  • , /bɒt/, /bQt/
    Rhymes: -ɒt

Etymology 1

Possibly a modification of Scottish Gaelic boiteag 'maggot'

Alternative forms


  1. The larva of a bot fly, which infests the skin of various mammals, producing warbles.
larva of a bot fly

Etymology 2

From bottom


  1. To bugger
  2. To ask for and be given something with the direct intention of exploiting that thing’s usefulness, almost exclusively with cigarettes.
    Can I bot a smoke?
    Jonny always bots off me. I just wish he’d get his own pack.
Usage notes
Although there are some references that mention that somebody could actually be a "bot" if they practice the art of botting, this noun is not really commonly used.

Etymology 3

Shortened from robot

Alternative forms


  1. scifi informal A physical robot.
  2. A piece of software designed to complete a minor but repetitive task automatically or on command, especially when operating with the appearance of a (human) user profile or account.
a robot
a piece of software for doing repetitive tasks
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  1. jump, leap



Extensive Definition

Bot or BOT or similar may refer to:
In people:
In places:
In computers:
  • Alienware Bot, line of budget desktop PCs manufactured by Alienware
  • Bots (edi), open source EDI software
  • BOTS, computer game
  • Chatterbot, computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with a human
  • Desktop Bot, software that resides on a computer and indexes content for the purpose of searching, tagging, or distribution
  • Internet bot, computer program which does automated tasks
    • Botnet, network of "zombie" computers used to carry out automated tasks such as spamming
    • Botsourcing, assignment of tasks to an automated, or intelligent, programmed agent
    • Computer game bot, computer controlled player or opponent
    • IRC bot, computer program connected to an Internet Relay Chat server as a normal user
In acronyms:
In other uses:
  • bot, blunt, insensitive; Dutch
  • bot, colloquial term, typically used in the UK, short for "bottom", i.e., bum, ass etc.
  • Boten Anna, hit song in Sweden in the middle of 2006 about an IRC bot
  • The larva of the botfly
  • Bots (band), Dutch language folk rock group
  • Robot, mechanical device that can perform physical tasks
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